What We Do

Unlike conventional real estate funds, we operate as a private holding company to invest over an indefinite time horizon.

Find Quality Investments

We search for niche real estate investments that are misunderstood and consequently mispriced by the market.

Diversify & Drive Value

We assemble a diversified portfolio with a deep margin of safety while monitoring performance and driving value creation.

Compound Returns

We are not short term investors. We strive to generate sustainable, compounded returns to create real wealth for our investors.

Why Evergreen is Different

Contrarian & Hassle Free Investing


Evergreen invests in properties with ``sticky`` tenants. We prefer properties where the owner has pricing power due to high tenant switching costs or lack of competitive supply. This enables us to reinvest in the properties for growth while other landlords consistently have to contribute capital to keep up with a revolving door of tenants to just maintain the status quo.

Unique Structure

Evergreen was built for the long term. We are not incentivized for short term wins. Our structure is designed to compound returns and build sustainable wealth by utilizing deep real estate experience and hard-earned relationships to invest in compelling deals on behalf of our limited partners.

As long as the firm has compelling investment opportunities we will reinvest profits. This is what's best for the properties and is a superior, more tax efficient form of investing (see Berkshire Hathaway, Constellation Software, etc.).

This has the added benefit of simplifying the investment process for our investors by eliminating the hassle of dealing with multi-state K1s every tax season.