Evergreen MHC Fund

***LAUNCHING Q4 2018****

HOLD PERIOD Indefinite – Open Ended ‘Evergreen’ Fund
FUND MANAGER The Managing Member of The Fund is Evergreen Capital, LLC (the “Manager”)
ACCOUNTING / TAX NO K1s. Investors will be issued a 1099 statement if dividends are distributed in the prior tax year
ESTIMATED NET RETURNS (1) 8-10% Avg. Cash on Cash
15%-17% Total Return (IRR)
INVESTOR STRUCTURE CLASS A SHARES – $500K Minimum: 9% preferred return with 80% of excess cash flow and appreciation
CLASS B SHARES – $100K Minimum: 8% preferred return with 75% of excess cash flow and appreciation
First distribution expected within 3 months of funding – paid quarterly
Distributions may be reinvested to compound returns on a tax deferred basis
FEES 2.0% acquisition fee on the purchase price of direct investments
1.0% asset management fee
INVESTOR SUITABILITY Accredited Investors Only


Note that this summary is not intended to be a complete description of the terms of the Operating Agreement or Subscription Agreement, and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the terms Private Placement Memorandum.
(1) No returns are guaranteed. Investing in real estate involves risk and investors should be able to bear the loss of their investment.