Evergreen Is Different

Set It & Forget It Real Estate Investing

Investment Strategy

We invest in properties where the owner has pricing power due to high tenant moving costs. This enables us to reinvest cash flow for growth while other landlords (such as office owners) consistently waste capital on costly tenant turnover expenses.

Unique Evergreen Structure

Our open-ended fund structure is designed to compound returns to build generational wealth for our investors. Evergreen invests in cash flow properties and reinvests a meaningful percentage of profits. This is the most tax efficient form of investing (see Berkshire Hathaway).

Hassle-Free Investing

NO dreaded K1s! We offer diverse portfolios without burdening our investors with 10+ state tax returns like other diversified funds. Instead of multi-state K1s, you'll receive ONE simple 1099-DIV statement in February for any dividends paid the prior year.